flash fiction by Summer Brenner
flash fiction by Testimony Odey

December 2022

Immediacy, Fear of Mediocrity, and Finding Courage
He uses one six-inch pan and pours two-thirds of the batter in, as opposed to using two nine-inch pans and pouring half of the batter in each. He dumps…
serialized novella-in-flash by Elle Enderlin, chapter 2
debut fiction by Sarah Nourie

November 2022

flash fiction by Gloria Frym
flash fiction by Gloria Frym
Question After Question After QuestionListen now | the joy of developing flash fiction
the short story as balm for the exhausted writer
I once knew a woman of a certain age who loved her last dog like she loved her last boyfriend. I say last, because her age played a big part in these…

October 2022

on developing flash fiction