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Welcome to Fiction Attic Press. We have been publishing flash fiction, short stories, and essays online and in print since 2005.

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Our Story

Fiction Attic Press began in 2005 as a labor of love. As a new mom with very little time to write, I wanted to publish flash fiction that made me feel and made me think, stories that could be read in under five minutes. Early issues included very short stories by Thaisa Frank, Steve Almond, Gloria Frym, Stephen Elliott, Michelle Tea, and Vanessa Hua, among others, and interviews with literary luminaries like Kate Braverman.

We’ve also published a few books in print, including two flash fiction anthologies, an anthology of modern short stories, debut novels by Magdalena Waz and Karen Guzman, and the collected stories of the enigmatic Jiri Kajane.

The original website is still up and running. We began publishing on Substack in May of 2022 at the behest of our young editorial assistant, Oscar Phelan, to make our stories easier to find for subscribers. We hope to bring out our first novella-in-flash in late 2022.

Teen Voices: We welcome submissions of flash fiction from high school students through our Teen Voices submissions portal.

Thank you for reading!

-Michelle Richmond, Founder and Publisher

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We publish flash fiction, serial fiction, personal essays, and memoir by new and established writers, plus the "On Writing" craft series.


We publish flash fiction, serial fiction, personal essays, and the On Writing series. If you love to read fiction, please subscribe and share. And if you write flash fiction, we would love to see it.